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Established 1998

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We teach Yoga in the tradition of BKS Iyengar

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" I really appreciate the care in your teaching "

Dear Annie, I just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful yoga class – when I visit Sydney for business I try to get to Centennial Yoga Studio to do a class whenever I can. I have been taking yoga classes for nearly 20 years and have experienced many different teachers over this time.
You are the only teacher that has ever picked up on my Scoliosis (it is slight but there nevertheless).
I really appreciate the care in your teaching and the tips to help me keep my spine healthy and more balanced.

Kathy ~ Adelaide

" We are never too old to start yoga "

I have been a student of Tracey Stewart’s for a number of years. Our class is constantly evolving – it is a mix of young, old, male,female, athletes, couch potatoes, at all levels of yoga practice.
What is so good about the Centennial School of Yoga is that its focus is on improving your wellbeing, your strength and flexibility. Regardless of age, gender, fitness level, size or fashion status, everyone is welcome and encouraged to do their best.
We keep on coming back because of Tracey's ability to work with each of us individually.
I recommend the School for everyone, but especially for men and women over fifty who are losing their flexibility and are encountering new aches and pains.
We are never too old to start yoga – rather, every session you attend will alleviate stress,fatigue and pain and help you maintain your core strength and balance for much longer.

Phyllis ~ Sydney

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